Significant June Dates in A.A. History
June     1945  -     Grapevine reports on the Indiana Home and states the location
                       to be Muncie, IN but, actually it is in Indianapolis, IN. (Gv pg.7, www.)
June     1946  -     New Group Union City, Indiana reported in the Grapevine. (Gv pg. 11)
June     1948  -     New Groups Lafayette and Rensselaer, Indiana reported in the
                         Grapevine. (Gv pg.8)
June     1981  -     AA in Switzerland held its 25th Anniversary Convention with Lois W.
                          and Nell Wing in attendance. (GSO -AC)
June 1, 1949   -    
Anne S., Dr. Bob's wife, died. (DBGO 348)
June 5, 1940   -    Ebby T. took a job at the NY Worlds Fair. (EBBY)
June 6, 1940   -    The first AA Group in Richmond, VA, was formed. (www)
June 6, 1951   -    
Bill W. Address Indianapolis Meeting. (Indianapolis Newspaper)
June 6, 1979   -    AA gave the two-millionth copy of the Big Book to Joseph Califano,
                          then Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. It was presented by  
                          Lois W., Bill's wife, in New York. (GSC - FR)
June 7, 1941   -    The first AA Group in St. Paul, Minnesota, was formed. (www)
June 8, 1941   -    Three AA's started a group in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (www)
June 9 -10 1945 - Cleveland, OH hosted a 2-day “Big Meeting” at the Cleveland Music Hall
                       and Carter Hotel to celebrate AA’s 10th anniversary. Est. attendance       
                       2,500 from 36 states, 2 Canadian provinces and 1 from Mexico. Bill W
                       commented on Dr Bob “although we have had many differences, we
                       have never had an angry word.” Dr Bob commented that over the last 10
                       years he averaged at least an hour’s reading per day and “always
                       returned to the simple teachings in The Sermon on the Mount, the Book
                       of James and the 13th chapter of First Corinthians in the Bible for his
                       fundamentals.” (Gv 1, 6)
June 10, 1935 -   The date that is celebrated as Dr. Bob's last drink and the official
                      founding date of AA. There is some evidence that the founders, in
                      trying to reconstruct the history, got the date wrong and it was
                      actually June 17. (AACOA vii, 70-71, www.)
June 10, 1947 -   
Indianapolis Star reports: AA Aid Sincere Among Drunkards
June 10, 1950 -   
America magazine reports article on Alcoholics Anonymous.
June 11, 1971 -   
Ernie G. Big Book story: "The Seven Month Slip", dies. (CH 76)
June 14, 1915 –  Anderson, IN., founder George L. was born. (Indiana Archives Bulletin)
June 15, 1940 -   First AA Group in Baltimore, MD, was formed. (www)
June 16, 1938 -   
Jim B., "The Vicious Cycle" in Big Book, had his last drink. (AABB 229)
June 17, 1942 -   New York AA groups sponsored the first annual NY area meeting. Four
                      hundred and twenty-four heard Dr. Silkworth and AA speakers. (GSO - AC)
June 18, 1940 -   One hundred attended the first meeting in the first AA clubhouse at
                      334 1/2 West 24th St., New York City. (GSO - AC)
June 19, 1942 -   Columnist Earl Wilson reported that NYC Police Chief Valentine sent six
                      policemen to AA and they sobered up. "There are fewer suicides in  
                      my files," he commented. (GSO - AC)
June 21, 1944 -   The first Issue of the AA Grapevine was published. (GSO - AC)
June 24, 1938 -   Two Rockefeller associates told the press about the Big Book "Not to
                      bear any author's name but to be by 'Alcoholics Anonymous.'" (GSO - AC)
June 25, 1939 -   The New York Times reviewer wrote that the Big Book is "more soundly
                       based psychologically than any other treatment I have ever come upon."
June 26, 1935 -    
Bill D. (AA #3) entered Akron's City Hospital for his last detox and
                       his first day of sobriety. (AABB 184)
June       1941 -    Ruth Hock showed Bill W. the Serenity Prayer and it was adopted
                       readily by AA. (GTBT 167 - 187)
June 30, 2000 -    More than 47,000 from 87 countries attended the opening meeting of
                       the 65th AA Anniversary in
Minneapolis, MN.(GSO -AC)
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Page numbers follow the source reference: e.g.:        PIO 111, 113 = Pass It On pages 111 and 113.

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     This Timeline of A.A. History is based on information provided to the
AAHistoryLovers e-group, with local "Hoosier" events added, with references.

     "AA Members seem to have a warm place in their heart for AA history. AA also has a
very strong verbal tradition. Much information is circulated in AA by word of mouth. This has
both its good and difficult sides. How do you know what is fact and what is myth? A great
deal of myth circulates by word of mouth in AA. To help address this, the timeline items in
this paper (history) are cross-referenced to one or more reliable written references. The
references provide both corroboration and sources for further investigation and historical
research." - Arthur S., TX.