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AA GSO Watch is not affiliated with 
"Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc." in New York

Our Mission: We, of Alcoholics Anonymous feel nothing is of greater importance to the future of the global AA fellowship -that is the local groups and individual alcoholics worldwide- than to recover and unselfishly help others to recover from alcoholism. This includes the necessity to perform God's will to the best of our understanding and gain deep spiritual experiences in order to become and keep sober. It is our duty to preserve and practice our basic AA principles as outlined by our first hundred members in our basic textbook. We offer our basic textbook for free download in various languages for you to carry it on as we do. Freely have ye received, freely give ... !

We feel committed to watch the way in which incorporated legal entities with "Alcoholics Anonymous" in their name perform their self appointed role either as servants or as a government. There is much reason to assume some of such organizations have left our common ground, abandoned major AA principles and replaced God by money, property, prestige, and authority. Thus part of our mission is to serve as an

independent central point of reference about what AAWS Inc. in New York and  their related organizations are and are not doing

to make this site a kind of hill overlooking the often chaotic information landscape from which anyone seeking a better understanding of these developments can survey the ever-changing terrain. 

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There is a way out of alcoholism 

"How a suffering alcoholic can recover"
Basic principles 

To the newcomer What we have to offer
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There is a way out of alcoholism About us
AA as such should never be organized Principles of the fellowship
"The Big Book comes alive" Joe and Charlie's Big Book retreat
All changes between 1st and further editions of the Big Book
Decentralization of AA activities Adopted by Board of Trustees July meeting 1948
A historical letter on decentralization (Dec1950)
An Open Letter from God Funny, but serious call for unity

AA's big book in English, Russian, German and Spanish language

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Our big book "Alcoholics Anonymous"  How we have recovered (HTML)
www.healingresource.org/ a speedy big book search engine
Russian (PDF) no copyright on that
Russian You will need Cyrillic on your computer to browse this file properly. (HTML)
April 1996 German includes full English background explanation (PDF)
Late 1996 German  (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)
The Second Edition of 1955 
The 4th Edition
Henrietta Seiberling - without her would be no AA in this world 

Pat Cooper ? Who was it? 

Goto jail ! How AA deals with criminals who are alcoholics.

Sheep! Send Money!  or else ... the lights will be out and most of you will be dead!

Rockefeller Dinner Feb 1940 Did the millionaires walk out and gave no money?

AAWS License Agreement with Central Mexicana 

Anonymity officially abandoned Legal letter from German GSO

Bill Wilson and AA in 1941original documents

The Code of Silence Why does AA try hide it's origins? 

Public information and AA archives

 Public controversy: Baldwin Institute vs. AAWS Inc / US$20,000,000.00
Says Baldwin Institute: The only difference between the chronology of the Mexican and the German situation and ours is that we sued Alcoholics Anonymous before they could move to using their government employed members to initiate trumped up criminal charges. As we have continued to pose a threat either as competition or whistle blowers, Alcoholics Anonymous has responded in a predictable pattern.
Similar to the situation of the stolen patient records, the Mexican matter and the matter in Germany, Alcoholics Anonymous has used its members to intimidate, defame, harass, investigate, charge and prosecute its competition. You are either a pawn or a player. Either way, we have not yielded under the defamation, harassment and tortious interference during the past ten years and you should know that we certainly will not yield now. 

another hostile strike from AAWS Inc against innocent AA members 
It is a mailing list for recovering AA members. They send out daily readings mostly out of AA literature. There is no trading or business at all. Just one drunk unselfishly helping another. Nevertheless AAWS Inc filed a complaint. The accused AA member or members are called "Respondent" by AAWS lawyer Cynthia Clarke Weber Says AAWS: ... Respondent's use of our "A.A." trademark by the is intended to and does confuse the relevant purchasing public into believing that Compliant maintains, or has approved, endorsed or is sponsor of, or is otherwise associated with respondent's web site ... Respondent has thereby caused Complainant serious and irreperable damage. Respondent will continue and expand their damaging acts unless Respondent's infringing domain name is transferred to Complainant. AAWS requests this group's web site be closed. We understand, that AA members are no longer allowed to use the AA name? They'd better stop all activity in helping each other and go back drinking? One drunk helping another causes irreperable damage" to AAWS? Our membership ought to include all who suffer from alcoholism. Hence we may refuse none who wish to recover. Nor ought A.A. membership ever depend upon money or conformity. Any two or three alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may call themselves an A.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation.

public controversy on behalf of AAWS Inc. in Mexico
The Mexican AA Incorporation (OGS) wasted an awful amount of dollars to block the AA message from being carried. To turn AA principles upside down they had an AA member sentenced to one year in jail. This punitive action was based on (false) evidence from the copyright office that WGNE PARKS was the (sole) author of the English book Alcoholics Anonymous Thus criminal charges could successfully be brought for alleged copyright infringement. We are ashamed!

Unbelievable, but true! German speaking AA Inc. paid AA members to move into a brothel and help destroy another AA member mentally and financially
Watch your step! AA Special task force investigating pirates at AA Assembly

  Bob Pearson said on his last AA Conference in 1986 AA would rather be destroyed from within than from outside and the greatest danger for AA was rigidity. A bad moon is on the rise now. AAWS Inc. officers perform dangerous actions -- The basic principle of Anonymity is broken by them in litigation and other public controversy. They secretly solicit and accept donations from public taxpayer funds, which is impossible according to 7th AA tradition. Our upcoming General Service Conference in April 2002 might deal with these two horrible matters and more. However, AAWS Inc. hopes their dirty laundry will never see the light on this conference. Click here for details!

GO public ... and keep in mind: 


For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind; his grain has no stem, it will give no meal.

AA as "just another business" ??

In the long run, though, we shall have to rely mainly upon the pressures of AA opinion and public opinion. And to this end we shall need to maintain a continuous education of public communications channels of all kinds concerning the nature and purpose of our Traditions.
(quoted from Warranty Five, Concept XII, AA Service Manual) 

He who does not learn from history is condemned to repeat it and suffer.


There is one supposed article written by Dr. Bob appearing in either "Your Faith" or "Faith" magazine during the summer or fall of 1939 that no one has been able to find yet. It was supposed to be a really great article. Even the library of Congress is missing the issue of "Your Faith" that it is rumored to be in. That article is mentioned in "Dr. Bob and the GoodOldtimers". Anybody know anything about this?
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