Glenn F. Chesnut

Parents, grandparents, and baby pictures

Childhood, high school, and college years

Seminary at Southern Methodist University 1961-1965

Doing his doctorate at Oxford University 1965-1968

Teaching at Indiana University 1970-2003

       Part 1: the early years

       Part 2: the later years

Retirement from Indiana University in May 2003

Some recent photos (through Summer 2005)
Common misspellings and variants of Glenn F. Chesnut: Glenn Chesnut / Glen F. Chesnut / Glen Chesnut
/ Glenn F. Chestnut / Glenn Chestnut / Glen F. Chestnut / Glen Chestnut / Glenn C., South Bend


"We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. May God bless you and keep you -- until then."

Bill Correll, Raymond Irving, Frank Nyikos, Steve Cox and Louise Cox

Frank Nyikos' home at Lake Papakeechie
Frank Nyikos, Kim Kelley, Bob Peden, and Glenn F. Chesnut
Sgt. Bill Swegan, John Stark, Ernest Kurtz, and Nancy Olson
Also Sgt. Bill's wife Mary, Bill Correll, Raymond Irving, Frank Nyikos, Mike Brennan, Don Fucik, Glenn F. Chesnut, and others

More photos

Sedona Mago AA History Symposium -- February 21-23, 2014 in Sedona, Arizona

Additional photos no. 1: San Antonio in 2010 and elsewhere
Jay Stinnett, Bill Schaberg, Arthur Sheehan, Gail Lacroix, Amelia Loomis, Al Welch, Michelle Mirza, Mike Gwirtz, and Glenn Chesnut
Additional photos no. 2: some notable authors -- Ernie Kurtz, Mel Barger, and Bill White

Additional photos no. 3: film makers Kevin Hanlon and Dan Carracino

Berkeley, California -- Glenn speaking at the Ashby Stage on February 1, 2014
With Jackie Bendzinski, Glenn Chesnut, and others
The Recovery Plays of Jackie B. -- Our Experience Has Taught Us, for the A.A. International in Atlanta in 2015

Additional photos no. 4: Stepping Stones -- Glenn Chesnut with Sally Corbett -- plus AA sites in Vermont


Raymond Irving and people at Brownie's (2003 and 2007)

More photos of people at Brownie's (2007)

Photos of Brownie's on the Hindsfoot site

AA History Lovers

AA History Lovers photos no. 1

AA History Lovers long messages no. 1

AA History Lovers website on the internet

The History of the AA History Lovers by Glenn F. Chesnut

Audio and Video Recordings

Castanea Recordings: links to audio and video recordings which can be played online

  Glenn F. Chesnut's resume and outline of his teaching career at the University of Virginia, Boston University, and Indiana University at South Bend

An outline and short account of Glenn F. Chesnut's life, from his childhood in Texas and Kentucky to his thirty plus years living in South Bend, Indiana

Click here to go to the website of the Hindsfoot Foundation. Glenn F. Chesnut, Frank Nyikos, Bill Correll, Bob Firth, and Sue Chesnut have all contributed to forming this publishing house and keeping it going.

Author page: Glenn Chesnut and his books.

Glenn Chesnut'a blog The Divine Light and the Wonder Child.

Glenn's family

Sue, Ben, Jessica, Gabi, Esa, Eila, Donnie, and Andrea