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...and though perhaps he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.
 -William D Silkworth, MD

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The Home Group -Who's Sitting Next To You?
-Grapevine publication: March 1991

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Magazine and Newspaper Articles :: Index

Please note: All following Magazine and Newspaper Articles are copyrighted by their respectful owners - listed in order by date. has neither been approved or endorsed by and is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or any service entity of A.A.W.S., Inc. The Circle/Triangle logo is no longer in use by A.A.W.S., Inc.

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I Saw Religion Remake A Drunkard    -Your Faith, September 1939
Alcoholics and God    -Liberty, September 30, 1939
The Elrick B. Davis Articles    -Cleveland Plain Dealer, Oct.- Nov. 1939
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Newsweek, February 19, 1940
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Time, February 19, 1940
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Scribner's Commentator, January 1941
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Saturday Evening Post, March 1, 1941
Laymen and Alcoholics    -Harper's Magazine, September 1941
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Saturday Night, November 27, 1943
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Read, February 1944
Alcoholics Cured by Faith    -Science Digest, May 1944
Yale to Rehabilitate Alcoholics    -Science Digest, June 1944
Help for Drunkards    -Time, October 23, 1944
"Maybe I Can Do It Too"    -Reader's Digest, November 1944
Alcoholism-Is there a cure?    -Family Circle, January 5, 1945
It's Fun to Be Sober    -Newsweek, January 15, 1945
Alcoholics on the Air    -Time, March 5, 1945
Alcoholics Anonymous Doing Great Job in Its New Times Sq. Clubhouse    -Variety, March 28, 1945
I Was A Drunk    -Maclean's, May 15, 1945
Blueplate Gospel    -New Republic, May 21, 1945
Case History of an Alcoholic    -Look, June 26, 1945
We Are Lonely People    -True Confessions, July 1945
My Return from the Half-World of Alcoholism    -Reader's Digest, January 1946
The Sick Person We Call an Alcoholic    -New York Times Magazine, April 21, 1946
Alcoholism    -True, May 1946
Can Alcoholics Recover    -Ladies' Home Journal, August 1946
I'm an Alcoholic Who Quit Drinking    -Rotarian, September 1946
Heightened Hope for Alcoholics    -American Weekly, October 27, 1946
I'm An Alcoholic's Wife    -Maclean's, December 15, 1946
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Vital Speeches of the Day, February 1, 1947
Life Membership    -Time, February 26, 1947
I Was An Alcoholic    -Pageant, April 1947
Problem Drinkers    -Survey Midmonthly, June 1947
Can We Conquer Alcoholism    -Health, July 1947
We Can Lick Alcoholism    -Science Illustrated, June 1948
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Hygeia, July 1948
Hope for the Alcoholic    -Survey, April 1949
I Went Back To A Drunk    -Maclean's, June 1, 1949
New Help for Alcoholics    -Coronet, July 1949
How San Francisco Sobers 'Em Up    -Liberty, July 1949
Skid Row – U.S.A. (part 1)    -Collier's, August 27, 1949
Skid Row U.S.A. (part 2)    -Collier's, September 3, 1949
Medical Care For Alcoholics    -See, September 1949
My Lost Seven Years    -Radio and TV Mirror, March 1950
The Drunkard's Best Friend    -Saturday Evening Post, April 1, 1950
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Illustrated, April 8, 1950
Double-Barreled Hope for Alcoholics    -Reader's Digest, October 1950
A.A. A Uniquely American Phenomenon -a    -Fortune, February 1951
A.A. A Uniquely American Phenomenon -b    -Fortune, February 1951
Dr. Bob    -American Weekly, March 11, 1951
I'm a Nurse in an Alcoholic Ward    -Saturday Evening Post, October 18, 1952
The Shame of Skid Row    -Saturday Evening Post, December 20, 1952
The 24-Hour Club for Alcoholics    -Your Life, January 1953
The Facts About Alcoholism    -U.S. News & World Report, October 2, 1953
Convicts Take the Cure    -American Mercury, October 1953
"We Couldn't Work If We Were Known"    -Carnival, February 1954
A Letter To A Woman Alcoholic    -Good Housekeeping, March 1954
Suggested as Model: Alcoholics Anonymous    -Science NewsLetter: June 19, 1954
These Drug Addicts Cure One Another    -Saturday Evening Post, August 7, 1954
Alcoholics Anonymous: No Booze But Plenty of Babes    -Confidential, September 1954
Hit Bottom Then Bounce    -American Mercury, October 1954
Alcoholics Not-So Anonymous    -Rave, March 1955
Why Not Delinquents Anonymous?    -American Mercury, March 1955
Help for the Alcoholic's Family    -Saturday Evening Post, July 2, 1955
Saved From Skid Row    -Time, July 18, 1955
The "Big Book": Bible for Alcoholics    -Saturday Review, August 27, 1955
Are You Driving Your Alcoholic To Drink? -Pageant, December 1955
The Uphill Fight Against Alcoholism    -Reader's Digest, April 1956
A.A.'s Auxiliary    -Time, December 17, 1956
If You Joined Alcoholics Anonymous    -Saga, September 1957
When You Call A.A.    -Good Housekeeping, September 1957
They're Rehabilitating the Alcoholic Worker    -Reader's Digest, August 1958
Passionately Anonymous    -Time, July 11, 1960
Alcoholism...the problem brought up to date    -Consumer Reports, November 1960
Hope in a Bitter Teen-Age Tragedy    -Life, February 10, 1961
Alcoholism . . . An Agonized Plea for Love   -Cosmopolitan, July 1961
The Housewife's Secret Sickness   -Saturday Evening Post, January 27, 1962
Making Marriage Work: The Alcoholic Parent   -Ladies' Home Journal, October 1962
What the Alcoholic Owes to Marty Mann   -Reader's Digest, January 1963
Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?   -Harper's Magazine, February 1963
The Law of Unselfishness   -Reader's Digest, February 1964
Alcoholics Anonymous- Dangers of Success   -The Nation, March 2, 1964
Alcoholics Can Be Cured—Despite A.A.   -Saturday Evening Post, September 19, 1964
The Thirteenth Step   -Real, September 1965
An Alcoholic's Letter to His Son   -Reader's Digest, November 1966
When A Parent Drinks Too Much   -Parent's Magazine, July 1967
The Beginning of Wisdom About Alcoholism   -Fortune, May 1968
I Was an Alcoholic Housewife   -Reader's Digest, September 1968
Anonymous Ally   -Time, February 8, 1971
My Parents Drink Too Much   -Seventeen, April 1971
The Neglected Tragedy of Alcoholism   -Plain Truth, October 1971
A Farewell to Alcohol   -Atlantic Monthly, January 1972
I Was A Teen Alcoholic    -Seventeen, March 1974
Alcoholism: New Victims, New Treatments    -Time, April 22, 1974
An Oasis Called Al-Anon    -Reader's Digest, September 1976
Alcoholics Are Just Like You and Me    -Saturday Night, June 1978
Programs that will help you stay on the wagon    -Business Week, October 26, 1981
Getting Straight    -Newsweek, June 4, 1984
Alcoholism Treatment    -Society, July/August 1984
Fifty Years, a Day at a Time    -Time, May 20, 1985
Alcoholics Anonymous Celebrates Its 50th Year    -Saturday Evening Post, August 1985
Unforgettable Bill W.    -Reader's Digest, April 1986
A Drunkard's Progress    -Harper's Magazine, October 1986
When Your Child Drinks    -Reader's Digest, November 1986
The Long Road Back    -Newsweek, May 11, 1987
A Humanist Alternative to A.A.'s Twelve Steps    -The Humanist, July/August 1987
Getting Better    -Encounter, September/October 1987
Out in the Open    -Time, November 30, 1987
"I'm One Drink Away From A Drunk"    -U.S. News and World Report, November 30, 1987
Alcohol And Free Will    -New Republic, December 14, 1987
Alcoholics Anonymous    -New York Times Magazine, February 21, 1988
Long-Awaited Book on AA Doesn't Satisfy    -Newsweek, April 11, 1988
A New Course On Campus: A.A. 101    -Newsweek, November 28, 1988
The Twelve Step Program: Cure or Cover?    -Utne Reader, November/December 1988
A.A.: Guilt and god for the gullible    -Utne Reader, November/December 1988
Recovery as Process    -Utne Reader, November/December 1988
Alcoholics Anonymous: From surrender to transformation    -Utne Reader, November/December 1988
Hollywood: God is Nigh    -Newsweek, December 12, 1988
A New Generation Fights Addiction    -New York, February 20, 1989
Where Slava Starts Over Again    -Time, April 10, 1989
Very Personal Computing    -Newsweek, August 28, 1989
Unite and Conquer    -Newsweek, February 5, 1990
The New "EST"    -Los Angeles, March 1990
It's A Slap In The Face Of A.A.    -Saturday Evening Post, March 1990
Forgoing Church Many Find Help Is 12 Steps Away    -Boston Globe Staff, April 29, 1990
The Twelve Step Controversy    -Ms., November/December 1990
Alcoholics Anonymous    -Aging, Fall 1990
Blitzed    -New Republic, April 22, 1991
Clean and Sober-And Agnostic    -Newsweek, July 8, 1991
Recovery Fever    -New York, September 9, 1991
The Intimate Enemy    -Modern Maturity, February/March 1992
The Happy Humanist    -The Humanist, November/December 1992
Confess and Be Happy    -New York Times Magazine, February 26, 1995
A.A. At The Crossroads    -New Yorker, March 20, 1995
Sobering Times for A.A.    -Time, July 10, 1995
Back To Basics For Addicts    -Maclean's, October 21, 1996
The Drinking Dilemma    -U.S. News & World Report, September 8, 1997
The 12-Step Habit   -Shape, November 1997
The Healer Bill W.   -Time, June 14, 1999
This story ran on page F1 of the Boston Globe   -by David Mehegan, Globe Staff, December 26, 2001
Clean and Sober, How Bill W. Founded Alcoholics Anonymous and Helped Millions   -Biography, January 2003

Moral Re-Armament And Alcoholics Anonymous -Reverend John C. Ford, S.J. -N.C.C.A. "BLUE BOOK", Vol. 10, 1960

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